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Potential vortex, scalar waves & alternative energy


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Potential vortex, newly discovered properties of the electric field
are fundamentally changing our view of the physical world

K. Meyl: water motor with ozone (thunderstorm machine)

An engine powered by oxygen or water instead of carbonaceous fuel. An engine running on ozone (O3) or the equivalent water gas (H6O3) as the exhaust gas instead of carbon dioxide (CO2).

If carbon is not required for volume expansion, then it can also be replaced by oxygen, then the internal combustion engine becomes an ozone engine or an ozone-containing water engine.

It can also be called a thunder engine because it generates artificial lightning in its combustion chamber. The associated thunder clearly shows how the volume expands.

The engine presented is not only absolutely new, but also environmentally friendly in terms of water as fuel and the emitted exhaust gas.

Water occupies a prominent place in the search for an alternative "fuel". As an environmentally sound substance it is available in sufficient quantities. This concerns water as fuel as well as the produced water gas at the exhaust which increases humidity or when it forms raindrops.

Structure of gas and water - part 1 (theory)


Structure of gas and water - part 2 - respiration of gas from the air


Structure of gas and water - part 3 CO2-free operation of vehicles, machines, ships and aircrafts

K. Meyl: Why we do not see a blue shift, even though our galaxy is shrinking

In his books, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Meyl develops a self-consistent field theory which is used to derive at all known interactions of the potential vortex. Instead of the normally used Maxwell equation, Prof. Meyl chooses Faradays law of induction, as a hypothetical factor and proves that the electric vortex is a part thereof. This potential vortex propagates scalar-like through space and is a longitudinal electric wave whose properties have already been established a century ago by Nicola Tesla. This phenomenon can now be studied and examined thanks to a fully functional replica designed by Prof. Meyl.

Prof. Meyl’s field theory is non speculative and enables new interpretations of several principles of electrical engineering and quantum physics. This leads to feasible interpretations of experimental observations which to this day have not been possible to explain via existing theories. For example, quantum particle characteristics can be calculated when interpreted as a vortex. The dielectric loss of a capacitor emerges as vortex loss. Likewise a number of neutrino experimental results can be explained when the neutrinos are regarded as a vortex. Neutrino power is available as an inexhaustible form of energy due to a remarkable overunity effect. In consideration of environmental sustainability, significant advances result by means of this revised theory regarding today’s electromagnetic pollution.

The presented theory is based on an extension of the Maxwell theory and as such is a special case scenario that does not affect classic physical laws which remain in force.

In the enhanced view of potential vortex, the physical comprehension becomes more objective. Just as Einstein’s theory, the Meyl theory explains not only interactions but temperature, to date inexplicable via conventional theories.

Prof. Meyl has written numerous books. He lectures at the Technical University of Berlin, University of Clausthal and at the University of Applied Sciences Furtwangen. In his end-of-week seminars it is possible to become familiar with the potential vortex, the objective vortex theory and to converse with Prof. Meyl. The dates are available on this site.

For in-depth information please refer to Prof. Meyls professional articles and recitations. Available for purchase on this website are books, videos and the remarkable proof of concept transmission-kit.